The brothers from Bologna

Mamma's Story

the strength of the famiglia

ours is a "growing" chronicle, a story that is still short, recent,

which begins in 2013, when Luca and Davide, the oldest of Zannini siblings, move to Norway to introduce Oslo to true Italian cooking. 

we came a long way to be where we are right now. We wanted to

bring the authentic taste of Italy to pizza loving Norway. Born and raised

in Bologna, we spent our childhood in our grandmother’s kitchen; the “Mamma” who inspired it all. Hiding under her table, stealing pieces

of mortadella to snack on, we learned the true Italian

secrets of cooking.

the most authentic ingredients and recipes

as adults we moved to Norway and longed for the Italian “street food”

of our childhood: creamy burrata cheese topping, pizzas with sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes, pasta Carbonara with crispy bacon and spicy black pepper. We wanted to make this kind of quality, authentic Italian food available for the people of Oslo and invite them into “Mamma’s” kitchen.

A warm and friendly meeting place, like in the Trattorias we spent hours

in during our youth in Bologna.

the secrets of true Italian cooking

and so, the Mama Pizza journey began, in downtown of Oslo on

Dronnigens Gate. We serve Italian dishes you thought you could only find

in Italy, like pizza doughs that rise for 36 hours and is baked around

3 minutes in an Italian pizza oven. Pastas that have 10 eggs per kilo

of flour.


we import all our ingredients from Italy and have staffed our Osteria

with friends and family: Norwegians and Italians.

come for the pizza or pasta, stay for gelato and return to the warm feelings. 

welcome to the family!