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Luca, Davide, Alice - the Zannini's


Bologna, the cuisine of our dear Nonna. Childhood memories and flavors that could only be experienced in our mother's kitchen. These are the key elements that shaped us, our attributes and parts of life which inspire and set the direction for action. 


We are three siblings who value family and the roots that we are so lucky to share. 

Now, we want to share a bit of our world with pizza-loving Norway. Mamma Pizza is at present a much bigger family - and we coulndn't be more excited that both our amazing co-workers and guests want to be part of it.





We moved to Norway to open an Italian Osteria. Our goal was to make the people of Oslo fall in love with Italian cooking.​

2015 - 2022

We opened Mamma Pizza.

Our sister Alice moved to Oslo, and together we started working on something special: creating an even bigger space for our guests to enjoy our food, the Enoteca wine bar, and our beloved Bologna room.

2022 - Future 

Stay tuned amore! Something new is coming quite soon

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