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Mamma Pizza famiglia 

Luca, Davide, Alice



Bologna, and the cuisine of our dear Nonna.
Childhood memories and flavors that could only be experienced

in our grandmother's kitchen. These are the key elements that

shaped us and our attributes which inspire and set the direction

for any action we take.


We are three siblings who value family and the roots 

we are so lucky to share. Now, we want to give a bit of our world to you amico and pizza-loving Norway.

Mamma Pizza is at present a much bigger family and we couldn't be more excited that both our amazing co-workers and guests want to be part of it.


Based on tradition

Our goal is to bring our tradition to Norway through the authentic recipes we have grown up with.

We want to share with everyone the perfume of our food, the color of our ingridients and the taste of our culture.

The place we built through the years holds our soul and we would love you to wrap yourself in it.


Benvenuti al Mamma Pizza!

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